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Influencing Growth
Sharpening brands is part of the equation. Starting the conversation with influencers and finding out what you can do for them, is how to build long term business.

Finding Peace of Mind
Isania Rotero, the clinician leading the Mood Group, gave each participant a workbook titled, The Road Map to Peace of Mind, a manual with the latest scientific knowledge on how to develop emotional and mental health and gain self-composure.

Aftermarket Front & Center
The company holds a unique status in offering services to include the full life span of the airframe. Clients include: cargo and passenger airlines, major leasing companies, OEM’s, and private aircraft as well.

Debut: Time Square
On May 1st, CRUZ Tequila debuted in the heart of Times Square on the 22 stories tall Reuters sign. At a location that welcomes 1.5 million people a day, CRUZ Tequila leaders dispelled seven tequila myths before Cinco de Mayo celebrations began.

Investing In Aviation
For the larger companies in the market —Embraer of Brazil, Bombardier of Canada, and the Gulfstream unit of General Dynamics — Mr. Aboulafia said he was cautiously optimistic.

Family Business: Enduring Success or High Drama?
In the Spring of 2012, a powerful book, The Family Business Road Map To Peace Of Mind was released to Amazon. “The new book reveals a road map that is scalable and beneficial to family-owned businesses of all sizes,” remarks James Olan Hutcheson, Co-Author, President and Founder ReGENERATION Partners.

Funding the MRO Future
Aviation Week’s Overhaul & Maintenance magazine speaks with Investors to understand where the best capital investments should be made in Aviation’s Maintenance Repair and Overhaul industry. In addition to providing a leadership perspective, our clients also capture photo credits in the February feature.

America's Wildest Margaritas
CRUZ Tequila’s Reposado, is La Mission’s secret ingredient, which can be found in the Aguacate Margarita that is featured on this month. Further validation, that Avocado isn’t just for guacamole anymore.

EMC Announces Appointment of CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
Evergreen Maintenance Center Inc. (EMC) announces the appointment of Hal Heule as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. In this role Mr. Heule will oversee all operations of EMC, the world’s largest aircraft storage and heavy maintenance facility in the world.

Goal: Feeling Better
Several hundred health care professionals, nurses, and doctors traveled from California’s largest hospitals and universities to find answers for today’s patients. A conference favorite: Mindability.

Suicide Prevention Training Underway For Firefighters
“After four firefighters committed suicide during a seven month span last year, the Phoenix Fire Department is addressing issues through a six week training program,” reports ABC’s Lori Jane Gliha. The agency as a whole, is taking a proactive approach with employees to identify those in emotional trouble before they enter a life-threatening mind set. As part of this effort, Phoenix Fire Department’s leadership and task force have partnered with Mindability to create a special edition of The Road Map to Peace of Mind program for use by the agency.

Aviation Champion For Industry Safety Is Honored In Washington D.C.
It has been a summer to remember for hundreds of aviation industry professionals who gathered in the nation’s capital as Roy Resto, President of Aviation Integrated Management (AIM) Solutions, received the prestigious 2011 Edward E. Glueckler Award.

MROs And Distributors Transform Supply Chain
Airlines want to share risks with their supply base, a practice that has become increasingly important since fuel constitutes about 30% of an airline’s expenditures, says Jean Clermont, VPsupply chain management for Aveos Fleet Performance. The change is driving airlines to offload more material support to suppliers, which drives supply chain innovation. To learn more, please view Lee Ann Tegtmeier’s full feature here.

The Cheers! Wine and Liquor Tasting Event was held at Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale on May 12th . Food & Flourish editors report that the event featured vendors such as: Cruz Tequila, Squana and Cape of Good Hope among others. The event helped raise money to support ongoing programs at the Golden Gate Community Center, which provides children and families with clothing, hygiene products and holiday gifts.

Ultimate Mexican Food Guide & Tequila Primer
Brothers Pep and Saulo Katcher; along with partner Todd Nelson, first brought an ultra-premium reposado to the market in an eco-friendly recycled package that’s as gorgeous to behold as the tequila is smooth. Now CRUZ produces a fine silver(blanco) tequila, too, and it’s racking up awards just as fast as the reposado, reports Gwen Ashley Walters.

Relativity Capital Acquires Largest Aircraft Maintenance And Storage Facility
Relativity Capital L.P. announced today an agreement to acquire Evergreen Maintenance Center, Inc. (EMC) from Evergreen International Aviation, Inc. Based in Arizona, EMC is the largest aircraft storage and maintenance facility in the world with 20 million square feet of ramp and storage area that accommodates over 400 aircraft.

Aviation Criminals Have A New Enemy
This week, aviation criminals gain a new enemy and law enforcement agencies can benefit from an aviation partnership. Why? Because the first publically available, stolen parts database has been launched by the leading not-for-profit/industry partnership of the Washington D.C., based Aviation Suppliers Association with support by Inventory Locator Service, a Boeing subsidiary. "The bottom line: it was the right thing to do," remarks Michele Dickstein, President of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA).

It Is A Popularity Contest
From NPR’s America Desk, Al Macias has the story about today’s most popular, premium spirits. Learn more about our clients and why they are recognized experts in the billion dollar spirits industry, by selecting the NPR logo.

The Art & Business Of Speaking
If the podium is calling your name, you will find Leigh Buchanan’s feature for Inc. both relevant and positive. Highlights include a rare look at the business aspects of the profession. Who knew that speaking could be a career choice -- let alone a profitable business? Turns out, it is both.

JETSET Delivers Client’s Recipe For Success
In Jetset’s ‘The Big Chill Issue’, our clients appears in the best of the best global golf destinations for those who prefer green over white in the first part of 2011. For the full details,check out the winter issue which can be found in more than 1,000 locations across the United States.

As You May Have Read In My Book…
Today, more entrepreneurs and professionals embrace publishing along with speaking to burnish credentials and attract new customers. In Ms. Needleman’s Wall Street Journal Article, the National Speakers Association reports that approximately 70 percent of its 3,200 members are authors and more than 60 percent earn $100,000 a year.

Chef Joe Daignaeult And Andi Barness Team Up To Create The Perfect Recipe
Select the ABC logo to see the full interview with Chef Joe Daignaeult and Andi Barness. Join them in the kitchen, as they work on delicious recipes to keep you warm during the cool evenings.

Dusting Off The Desert Sand
Like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes, so too the commercial aircraft are rising from their desert storage sites and returning to the skies. With the 2008-2009 global economic crisis resulting in a tumultuous decline in cargo and passenger demand, airlines desperately looked for places to park their aircraft that would keep their expensive assets dry and free of corrosion. Karen Thuermer’s story highlights the success of our clients in the southwest.

Agave Madness
As the new year arrives, JAVA’s feature by Mark Fink reminds us that the growing popularity of tequila has helped ebb the fear of the spirit in the hearts of many and also places the spotlight on our clients success. View the feature article here.

Clients Capture Audience At American Psychiatric Nurses Associations
Mindability leadership reviews the group's program benefits at the American Psychiatric Nurses Association's Annual Conference attended by more than 900 health care professionals from around the globe.

And The Winner Is: Cruz Tequila’s Cucumber Margarita
Despite numerous cocktail recipes…for our discerning tastes, nothing comes close to the Cruz Cucumber Margarita. If you've mixed it right, the resultant beverage will taste like plunging head-first into a blue agave waterfall. Drink responsibly, and save one for us.

Planes and Aviation Expertise
This feature takes a looks at yesterday and today’s expertise in aviation. While spotlighting clients growth that is beyond its early helicopter company days in a dynamic industry.

LifeTime Channel Interviews Expert And Author To Learn Simple Ways People Can Battle Behavioral Challenges They Face
Mindability leadership joined the hosts of ‘The Balancing Act’ on LifeTime, to share professional insight into how their clients are winning the battle against stress, depression, and many other behavior challenges that they face throughout their life. In addition, benefits from one of the group’s key programs, ‘The Road Map to Peace of Mind’, were also discussed and highlighted.

MSNBC Highlights Client Operation During Industry Feature And Returns To Film For Fall Series
MSNBC production group traveled from New York to film Evergreen Maintenance Center’s operation and complete site interviews. This supports another installment to the popular aviation industry feature that is hosted by Lester Holt, anchor for the Today Show.

Fox Business News Showcases Award Winning Spirit In Viewers Choice Feature
Host Dave Elger and HotMixology expert mixologists bring CRUZ Tequila’s portfolio into the bar during this year’s ‘Viewers Choice’ feature. During this special the HotMixology group invites their viewers to pull up a stool and get ready to shake up great cocktails. Their goal: highlighting the best spirits as they show the audience how to create the perfect concoctions for any occasion.

Today Show and NBC Nightly Business News Feature Firm’s client
Today Show anchor Lester Holt traveled from New York to interview Evergreen Maintenance Center’s leadership regarding trends in aviation. This popular feature has appeared on the Today Show as well as NBC’s Nightly News and was filmed on site in Arizona. Production filming and direction were led by the talented Kim Cornett who worked with Corcoran Associates public relations group through all phases of the project.

Today Show Logo

Nightly News

Fox News Interviews Award Winning Spirit Producers To Learn More About Their Business Success
CRUZ Tequila moves ahead of national brand in sales and shares their business direction with Producer Bil Ossher.
Fox News Logo

Partner Joins Advisory Board Of Recognized Behavioral Health Group
This December, Kelly Isley joins The Mindability Group’s Advisory Board which guides the award-winning organizations strategic direction. Mindability’s mission is focused on providing clinical programs, on-line educational solutions, and customized evidence based strategies for industry leaders breaking ground in behavioral health care. To learn more about Mindability visit their site.

PBS Explores Why Business Is Booming In Certain Industries
A correcting economy has certain industries facing financial ruin while others are thriving. But which companies are doing well? Producer Kim Craft and film crew go onsite at Evergreen Maintenance Center to take a close look at today’s aviation industry. PBS also learns how successful the world’s largest aircraft storage and maintenance facility has become.
pbs logo

Clients Focused On Operational Business Solutions Expand Reach And Launch New Site
Business Performance Solutions (BPS) has expanded their client base and recently launched a new web site that highlights the firm’s capabilities and areas of focus. For more than three decades, the leaders at BPS have helped build successful capital plans, manage audit and tax related issues, shorten the receivables cycle, and implemented variance reporting that has improved their client’s bottom line. To learn more about BPS capabilities visit their new site.

Wall Street Journal Features Aviation Client With Solutions Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal's Travel Editor, Scott McCartney’s visit to Arizona led to a cover story for Corcoran Associate’s client Evergreen Maintenance Center (EMC). The site tour and interview covered the role of aviation maintenance repair and overhaul centers in today’s correcting economy. In addition, the full page feature highlighted the turn key solutions that EMC specifically provides to airlines, leasing companies, and OEMs which own new classic and next generation aircraft. View the full feature here.

International ‘Book of Spirits’ By Ole Phillipsen Will Include Award Winning Client
Ole Phillipsen, considered one of the top experts in the spirit industry by foreign manufacturers, will profile CRUZ Tequila in his newest edition.

Winning Workplaces and The Wall Street Journal are collaborating to identify exceptional small organizations – private, nonprofit or publicly held – in their 2009 ranking of the Top Small Workplaces. “We are very pleased to celebrate another year which includes one of our clients capturing the nomination for being a small organization that is a leading innovator and role model for larger companies,” adds Kelly Isley, Partner Corcoran Associates.

Firm Expands Global Media Presence For Washington D.C. Based Aviation Association
Corcoran Associates continues a broad spectrum of support for the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), an international association based in Washington D.C. Most recently the firm built AFRA’s multi-faceted communications strategy, completed global media training, and secured key interviews which resulted in high-profile media placements in several international publications including: Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance, Aviation Week, Overhaul & Maintenance, the International Herald Tribune, Le Monde, MRO Management along with many other industry publications.
[View Press Release]

Media Coverage: Business Journal Explores Online Social Networks: Texting, Blogs, Facebook, and YouTube -- It isn’t kid stuff. It’s serious business.
Corcoran Associates Partner Kelly Isley discusses the firms approach to increasing visibility for their clients in the Business Journals article “Online Social Networks Mean Business”
[View Press Release]

Firm Captures American Marketing Association Award And Celebrates Successful Multicultural Campaign
“Examples of ‘the behind the scene’ activities include Corcoran’s ability to broaden our companies visibility literally over night and to a global audience,” adds Todd Nelson, Vice President, CRUZ Tequila. “Their public relations team has done this while working closely with us to tie our progress with current events and by leveraging technology. Specifically, today’s technology which made it possible for our news to reach over 212,000 new potential customers within the Fortune 500 and in our targeted markets during the 4rd Quarter of 2007.”
[View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

Partner Returns To Firm Following Military Duty And In Time For The Holidays
Corcoran Associates, an award-winning firm of Business Advisors and Public Relations Experts, has several things to celebrate this holiday season including the return of their Partner, Captain Kristin Corcoran.
[View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

Award Winning Firm Captures American Marketing Association Honors For Multicultural Campaign
"Although it seems like yesterday, we opened the firm's doors 22 years ago and have been fortunate enough to assemble the best visionaries. They know how to leverage today's technology and design for our most traditional, multicultural clients working in 65 countries and covering 7 continents," states Gerald F. Corcoran.
[View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

Scottsdale Firm Honored At 2007 Copper Quill Awards Ceremony Recognizing Outstanding Work In Business Communication
"Our clients and firm were honored in front of a sold-out crowd at the event which recognizes the best of marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns in 2006"... [View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

Florida's Navy League Elects Captain Gerald F. Corcoran
As Vice President Legislative Affairs

"When you consider that the Navy Leagues mission is to work with Congress to keep them informed of key issues regarding sea services and their needs - our role may be more critical now than ever before," states Gerald F. Corcoran...
[View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

Media Coverage:
International Association Of Business Communicators Profile
Firms Partner In Edit Express

Corcoran Associates Partner Kelly Isley speaks with the Editor for
IABC Phoenix on many subjects which are and continue to be important to her.
In IABC’s Edit Express for March, Mandy Tenud interviews members and leadership of the organization on various subjects that include: the Copper Quill Awards, professional development, the Associations Writers Group, and wraps up the issue with a profile of Ms. Isley...
[View Full Story]

Schweizer Aircraft Corporation Teams With Firm On Department of Homeland Security Programs
"We Look forward to building on our past success with the experts at Schweizer Aircraft Corporation," remarks Gerald Corcoran, Managing Partner with Corcoran Associates. "These programs focus on important aviation assets and compliment the teams extensive operational, technical, and program management experience... [View Press Release] - PRWEB Release

European Programs Focus On New Business Development And Media Updates For 2006
Corcoran Associates, a firm of business advisors with offices in North America and Europe, has proven versatility is the key to keeping global programs on track.  “Our clients are as exciting as they are successful so business proposals, press conferences, and well executed plans have been the focus in Europe this year”, states Kelly Isley, Partner with Corcoran Associates... [View Press Release]

Next Generation Air Tankers Sign Firm To Expand Flight Plans
Evergreen Supertanker Services Inc, one of the Evergreen International Aviation companies, has teamed with Corcoran Associates to expand their new business development efforts.  “We have worked closely with Robert McAndrew and his team on several profitable programs and look forward to achieving the goals Evergreen Supertanker Services has identified in their strategic plan”, states Gerald Corcoran, Managing Partner for Corcoran Associates... [View Press Release]

Florida's Navy League Appoints Corcoran Associates Managing Partner to Board of Directors
The Broward County Council of the Navy League of the United States has appointed CAPT Gerald F. “Jerry” Corcoran as a Director with duties involving liaison with the U. S. Coast Guard (USCG) and Legislative Affairs that ... [View Press Release]

Media Coverage:
Business Journal Highlights Top Web Designer In Biz Edge
Corcoran Associates Partner Kelly Isley highlights the firms approach to selecting an excellent web designer in the Business Journals article "Web Sites Can Be A Window To How A Company Does Business" ... [View Full Story]
[View Business Journal Article]

Award Winning Architects Partner with Firm to Showcase Experience and Style
Montgomery Design Group Inc, with three decades of experience, has signed on Corcoran Associates to lead the new business development activities for their expanding firm... [View Press Release]

CGI Direct ATM Names Firm to Lead Public Relations Program
CGI Direct ATM, a leader in providing Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) solutions nation wide, has selected Corcoran Associations to lead its public relations activities for their growing company.... [View Press Release]

Corcoran Associates Teams With Washington Firm To Capture U.S. Coast Guard Award
This recent award focused on the Manned, Covert, Surveillance Aircraft (MCSA) program, compliments Corcoran Associates experience and strategic plan. The offices of Aviation Forces for the U.S. Coast Guard, ... [View Press Release]

Press Release:
Maritime Domain Awareness Business Opportunities Focus on Implementation Phase That Cuts Across Several Mission Areas
Reports issued by Corcoran Associates outline: the terms and programs that define or support the major effort, first staffing highlights, similarities between the Maritime Transportation Safety Act of 2002... [View Press Release]

Press Release:
Air Tanker Market Assessment Outlines Targets For Commercial Opportunities
A recent worldwide aerial tanker market assessment performed, by Corcoran Associates, confirms that as the... [View Press Release]

Press Release:
W J Development Selects Firm to Lead Business Development and Public Relations Program Targeting Arizona’s Billion Dollar Custom Home Market
W J Development is already reaping the benefits of this new partnership with Corcoran Associates. By focusing on a concise... [View Press Release]

Press Release:
Firm Recognized For Support Of The U.S. Coast Guard And Reserve

Press Release:
Expanded Client Contracts Include Support For NASA, DOE, FAA, & DHS

Press Release:
Veteran And Woman Owned Firm Of Business Advisors Is Awarded GSA Contract
This week Corcoran Associates joined the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule with the award of Contract GS-0017R... [View Press Release]

Press Release:
Firm Announces New Partner to Oversee Growth with Aerospace & Government Clients
"Kelly joins the firm with 15 years of experience in the Aerospace and Aviation industries, with demonstrated turnaround capabilities in... [View Press Release]

Winning with the Press


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